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Louboutins are redefining the “nude” pump— now available in five shades.  Great initiative!

Thank you Christian Louboutin. 

This is so important.

Yes, thank you for making more shoes literally none of us will ever be able to afford.

Fashion trickles down though. When a high-end designer like Christian Louboutin acknowledges that there should be variety in “nude” pumps, it will invariably be copied by cheaper and more accessible brands. This is a huge, positive thing.





Can’t stop, won’t stop (9.22): Updates from tonight’s town hall are slow coming due to the virtual media black out, but it seems like the name of tonight’s game was “Pass the Buck.” Hard to heal when no one’s willing to take responsibility for their wrongs. #staywoke #farfromover 

okay but how can they even begin to deny having military gear when there are literally hundreds of pictures of cannisters and riot gear???


is this some semantic-based loophole?! 

"Our police department doesn’t use or possess tear gas, rubber bullets, stingers, or any of the items used during protest." 

So are they admitting those items were used during the protests? Or are they saying “we don’t use them during protests [but we didn’t consider those times protests]” 

Like what in the holy fuck is happening? 

Why Internet is important at times cause we need to document it before they try to rewrite history

i dont know about Missouri laws IANAL but I’ve had to deal with my fair share of public meetings soooo here’s my 2 cents.

If Missouri is anything like Florida they most likely have open public hearings/open public records laws which in so many words means they can’t really turn anybody away from a public meeting because they are not residents of Ferguson. I just checked and yes Missorui has what is called “Sunshine Laws” (in laymans terms government business should be open to the public and conducted in the “sunshine”).

When in doubt, a meeting or record of a public body should be opened to the public.

HOWEVER, they CAN tell someone to leave once they become unruly or do not follow the posted rules of decorum for the meeting.

sooo i doubt that turning people away from meetings is kosher. Unless they are using the excuse that they want to allow residents FIRST to make sure they have a seat before they meet building capacity.

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